What products freshen breath

������One of the products that can rid the mouth of an unpleasant smell is parsley. This plant also perfectly neutralizes the smell of tobacco. Cardamom, coriander, wormwood, rosemary and eucalyptus are less powerful. For greater effect of the herb, it is necessary to chew or brew tea, which can rinse your mouth, as long as possible. You can combine several plants.
The main cause of the unpleasant smell in the mouth is hydrogen sulfide. Its level can be reduced with the help of natural and unsweetened yogurt. Regular use of this product will reduce the risk of gum disease and darkening of the tooth enamel.
Sometimes the smell comes from pieces of food stuck between the teeth. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables will help get rid of this problem. These include celery, carrots and apples. These vegetables help not only to clean the interdental spaces, they are also very useful for gums.
In order to create an environment in the oral cavity that is unfavorable to bacteria, eat more berries, watermelons, citrus fruits and other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Regular consumption of such food again has a beneficial effect on the gums. Do not replace natural vitamin C with an artificial supplement, it can cause indigestion.
Do not forget about green tea, which successfully washes away bacteria from the surface of the gums and teeth. This drink is rich in flavonoids, which not only relieves the oral cavity from unpleasant smell, but also whitens teeth and improves metabolism.
Attention should be paid to fermented milk products. Like yogurts, they reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth and refresh breath.