What kind of girls do guys like?

Every young girl dreams of being popular with guys and being beautiful, unique for someone she likes. It is no secret that the representatives of the male half of humanity love a certain type of girls. To win their heart, you need to fall into this category and constantly work on yourself.

Guys love well-groomed girls

When asked what kind of girls guys love, it’s safe to say that they are well-groomed. None of them will pay attention to the scruffy person who knows when she last did her hair and manicure. The girl should look neat, wear clean, stylish clothes, perfect fit. Old, dirty shoes are unacceptable.

Any guy will pay attention to the girl with long, silky hair of natural, dull shade. Regardless of color, hair should always be combed, look healthy and strong.

Many males do not like to have too much makeup on their face. You need to be painted in such a way as to emphasize all the advantages of the exterior and to hide the flaws, and you should get the impression that there is no cosmetics on the face.No guy wants to kiss a girl if she has a thick layer of inaccurately applied lipstick or lip gloss on her lips.

Gait and aroma

Always stands out from the crowd beauty, who has not only the perfect makeup, manicure, fashionable clothes, but also a graceful gait, straight posture. Past such a girl is simply impossible to pass without looking back. The guy immediately wants to meet a charming stranger. If after it there is still a light train of unobtrusive ghosts, he will not be able to quickly forget such a girl.

Guys love it when the girl smells good. The smell of sweat is completely unacceptable, it will immediately spoil the favorable impression. Bad breath also should not be present, to get rid of it, you need to monitor the condition of the teeth and clean them regularly, as well as visit the dentist.

Personal traits

Men are so arranged that first of all they pay attention to their appearance, but they quickly lose interest if this is the only virtue of a girl. Guys love:

  • Cheerful, sociable girls with a good sense of humor and endless optimism.
  • She should be able to support any topic of conversation, be expressed culturally, without foul language.
  • Such qualities as kindness, responsiveness, tenderness, mysteriousness are very much appreciated.

To a talkative girl, or, conversely, too modest interest in a guy will disappear very quickly. It is important to behave naturally, because deception and falsehood always repel. Then a man will be able to understand whether a woman is suitable for him.

But do not forget that there are always exceptions, and a particular guy can like any feature of a girl.