What is useful out of the comfort zone?

We all strive for comfort, and this desire is quite normal. But psychologists believe that the usual and convenient way of life can put you in a frame, narrow your horizons and adversely affect personal development. Is it worth it to leave the comfort zone? And how to do it correctly and without harm?

What is a comfort zone?

What is a comfort zone? In psychology, this concept is characterized as a specific area of ​​living space, giving a sense of comfort. In other words, these are conditions, as well as a way of life in which a person feels calm and his level of anxiety is at a consistently low level. But the concept includes not so much external stimuli and factors, as some kind of inner life framework, which the personality establishes independently and individually.

The desire for comfort is a normal and explicable desire, because any person wants to feel secure, to feel calm and not to face unpleasant and unknown situations.Long-term presence in such self-created framework brings some actions and manipulations to automatism. And, on the one hand, it is very convenient, as it allows you to spend less time and effort on everyday tasks. But at the same time, the brain is tensed minimally, and this can be harmful and dangerous.

What is the risk of permanent stay in this area?

The desire for comfort is understandable and normal. But if a person is constantly in the same conditions, albeit optimal and convenient for him, this can lead to unpleasant consequences. So, being within the framework and automatism of actions, firstly, lead to a halt in development, which is gradually transformed into degradation. You stop developing and stop at the level where you are, and gradually you can go down one or several steps below.

Secondly, your brain works less, and over time you notice that more complex and unusual tasks become difficult to solve, and any deviation from well-studied algorithms makes you tense, nervous and irritated. You stop thinking creatively and look for alternative ways to solve problems, which negatively affects professional activities,as well as at the exit from unforeseen situations.

Thirdly, you can simply not have time to adapt to changes and literally fall out of life, the rhythm of which accelerates every year, and the conditions are constantly changing. And this will lead to difficulties in finding work, trying to find the second half or learn new skills.

And finally, fourthly, constantly staying in the comfort zone, you make your life dull and monotonous, albeit calm and comfortable. Behind the boundaries that you have established, there is much new and unexplored. And although it all scares, some events can give a lot of bright emotions and positive impressions, allow you to get invaluable experience and learn something important.

Why should you leave?

Why is it useful to leave the comfort zone? At least for several reasons:

Before you open up new opportunities for self-development.

  • You can get invaluable experience.
  • You will learn to think creatively, go beyond the usual, and also find alternative ways out of unexpected and unusual situations.
  • Everything new is always connected with emotions and vivid impressions. And may they not always be pleasant,but any shake-up is an opportunity to open up and relieve tension, which, if you stay in the comfort zone for a long time, can accumulate for years and spill out at one moment, provoking a nervous breakdown.
  • Going beyond the established framework is an opportunity to learn something interesting, to learn new skills that may be useful in the future.
  • Going beyond the comfort zone, you motivate yourself to accomplish and change, increase vitality, get a boost of energy and begin to strive for something more.
  • You can change your life for the better.
  • Going beyond the boundaries of comfort is an opportunity to get to know yourself, explore your inner world, evaluate your abilities and reveal the best character traits and sides of a personality, discover new talents and abilities.
  • Lots of new interesting dating.

How to get out of the zone?

It is already clear that it is useful to leave your comfort zone. But how to do it in order not to harm yourself and change life for the worse?

Useful advice for those who ventured out of the comfort zone:

  1. Start small: change the routine. For example, if you hardly get out of bed and start the morning with coffee and breakfast, then try to create a new scenario, for example, to make a run or at least to do exercises.
  2. Change your image.If you have not done this for a long time, such changes will allow you to feel yourself in a new way, look at yourself from a different angle and make others see you differently, which, of course, will affect your attitude and condition. Change the haircut and hair color, update your wardrobe, add something new to the usual makeup.
  3. Overcome your fears. For example, if you have always been afraid of water, sign up for swimming courses and learn how to conquer the water element. And if you are afraid of heights, the flight by airplane or helicopter will come in handy.
  4. Learn new skills. If you do not have a driver's license, enroll in a driving school. Learn to sew or knit, learn a foreign language, start to attend some courses.
  5. Set goals for yourself. And you need to start with simple ones, gradually moving to more complex ones. For example, if you are afraid of public speaking, first go to karaoke, and then try to master the role of the host of some event.
  6. Try to look for non-standard solutions to problems in order to develop abilities and to think creatively.
  7. Get rid of some habits, especially bad ones. So, if you abuse coffee, find other ways to get a boost of energy.
  8. Change the situation.Adapting to new conditions will teach you to be more flexible and respond to external factors.
  9. Chat with new people, look for interesting acquaintances.

Important: do not constantly try to leave the comfort zone, because it can increase the level of anxiety and lead to stress or even nervous breakdowns. It is enough to periodically go beyond the usual framework. In addition, try to expand the comfort zone so that what you previously thought you were unusual, frightening and scary, would become acceptable, understandable and ordinary.

And if you increase the boundaries regularly, you can discover a lot of new and interesting things, get a lot of opportunities and make your life more interesting, bright and multifaceted. In addition, you will become a diversified person and make new friends, which is also very useful.

Let the exit from the comfort zone be useful for you and open up new opportunities.

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