What is relevance? how to apply it?

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And if you need to write the relevance of scientific work (essay, coursework, etc.), then you need to describe in detail how important the results of your research are for science. For example, this topic has not been studied sufficiently, attention has not been paid to some aspects of the topic, and you, having made an analysis of these aspects, will help science)) Or maybe you discover new research methods that nobody used before you, but after you will be sure to apply, because they are much simpler than existing methods. That is, the work should be of practical value, and you just have to describe it. Relevance reflects the importance, perspectivity, timeliness of work.
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Relevance - this is the importance, timeliness at the moment. For example: "Last year's snow is no longer relevant" - that is, it does not matter now.
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Often, research papers are asked to prescribe the relevance of just the work. Those. What is it so important now? How can your research help?
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Relevance - this is what is significant and has a value at the moment. It can be used, for example, in the following way: it is now winter, February and a down jacket, boots and a hat are relevant, but in hot weather it will not be so relevant to dress like that.