What is the passage

Shopping malls

In the second half of the 19th century, a new type of commercial building became popular, where on the sides of a wide gallery-passage there are stores with glazed floors in tiers. The first building in the style of the passage was the gallery of Victor Emanuel in Milan. In Russia, the most famous Passage in St. Petersburg. He became a pioneer of similar architecture in the country. Today, the prominent Russian representatives of the passages are the Upper Trading Rows and the Popov Passage in Moscow, the Shopping Gallery in Sochi and the Alexander Passage in Kazan.

Horseback riding

In high school riding, the passage is characterized as the main element of horse training. Externally, the passage is a rhythmic, collected and very shortened trot. Each diagonal pair of legs is characterized by a well-defined rhythm and hang-up. Despite the intrinsic active passage of the movement of the horse, the horse does not lose its elegance. Interestingly, the horse's head is dropped almost perpendicular to the ground, which gives the horse a somewhat playful, playful character.

Musical transition

From the 16th century, the passage is the main element in the demonstration of the virtuoso art of a musician. The literal French translation of the passage is a passage, a passage. Actually, in music it is. The passage is called a quick sequence of sounds. The main difficulty of its reproduction is the intensive pace of transition from one register to another. This musical figure is used mainly for connecting and changing various themes of the composition. In the hands of a true musician, the passage gives the audience incomparable pleasure.


The greatest perplexity is the appearance of the word “passage” in the line of the artwork. For example: “here such a passage happened to N-skoy's daughter ...”. The authors mean by the passage an unexpected, often unpleasant or curious case.

Other meanings

Literary critics refer to the term "passage" as an independent passage from the text of an article, speech, or book. According to this interpretation, you can choose some of the most ridiculous passages from the works of Mikhail Zadornov.
Even under the passage can be meant someone's lengthy, emotional speech, or an unexpected statement.What is called, “to wrap the passage” can be about the household, children, bitter fate.
In biology, a standardized and more than once repeated procedure produced in order to obtain new strains of bacteria or to study its properties is also called a passage. The procedure consists of reseeding some bacterial culture on a new culture medium. So, with the help of an additional 188 passages get a new viral strain.