What is the navel?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
March 2, 2015
What is the navel?

Many of us have never thought about having scars from birth. But you should not be afraid, because it is all about the trace of the mother on our body - the navel. Let us take a closer look at what the navel is and what its features are.

The navel is a tissue formation that remains on the abdominal wall after the umbilical cord is removed from the newborn. Different people can have it differently. Someone he looks like a depression in the abdomen, but someone, on the contrary, slightly raised. The navel is in all highly developed mammals whose embryos carry out their vital activity through the placenta.

Anatomical features of the navel

Features of the navel should be divided in the period of intrauterine development and after the newborn was born. The main element inside the navel is the umbilical ring, which provides intrauterine development through the umbilical cord passing through it. Initially, the navel is supplied with blood through two umbilical arteries and one vein.After this, the vein grows and works for the benefit of the liver. But the umbilical veins are still near the navel.

In the composition of the navel there are the following layers:

  • leather;
  • scar tissue;
  • transverse connective sheath;
  • parietal peritoneum.

The navel is a "weak" place on the human body, not only because of the peculiarities of the structure, but also because it can be susceptible to diseases. For example, many well-known umbilical hernia can affect this area of ​​the human body.