What is the meaning of the abstraction method?

Sometimes it is necessary to understand the essence and not to pay attention to trifles, but it is not easy to drop all that is superfluous. The method of abstraction will help in this.

What it is?

What is the abstraction method? This is a mental selection of an object in a distraction from its relations with other objects or the relationship of a phenomenon or thing in a distraction from themselves, as well as the identification of one of the properties in a distraction from all others.

In addition, such a concept can mean a view of a phenomenon, object, situation or person, as it were, from a detached point of perception, that is, a distraction from specifics and trifles and an overall assessment. Thus, abstraction allows you to highlight the important and not pay attention to the details or to summarize something and not take into account the specific individual components.

Why do you need to do this?

Examples of the use of the abstraction method are found everywhere in our lives and help us define goals and achieve them. For example, you can abstract at work when you need to solve some important task.Highlighting all the most basic, discarding the little things and not paying attention to the stimuli and distractions, you can easily cope with their responsibilities.

Also, abstraction is useful in school when you need to study a particular topic and not be distracted by the previously studied or understand the essence of the subject, not taking into account its characteristics.

The method will help in solving everyday problems. So, if you need to clean the floors and vacuum, do not be distracted by other things (washing, putting things in order in the cabinets), you will return to them later. By focusing on one task, you can accomplish it efficiently and quickly.

Basic goals

The main objectives of abstraction are the following:

  • Create a sample. If any particular property of an object or its characteristic is considered, then it can be used as a model, that is, to make it a kind of equivalent, template. Of course, in real life this does not happen, but when thinking this example will help. The characteristic taken as a basis will be a starting point, the one from which you will proceed when considering other properties.
  • Identification.It lies in the fact that the specific distinctive features of any objects are not taken into account, but only the properties and characteristics that are common and relate the situations under consideration, phenomena, things, and so on.
  • Specificity and clarity. Attention in this case focuses on one particular concept, and all other characteristics are simply not taken into account. This allows you to clearly define the boundaries of the concept and to separate it from others, similar to it or having some common features.
  • Systematization and generalization. In this case, attention focuses on the characteristics and properties that are characteristic of any concepts and allow them to differentiate and systematize. The result is groups, and each of them is independent and different from the others, having their own key points. But at the same time, such a group includes concepts that are generalized for some signs and similar to the characteristics of other selected groups.

How to learn to abstract?

The knowledge of abstraction is a rather complex and very long process, requiring effort. And yet you can learn to abstract.Here's what to do:

  1. If you need to abstract in some difficult situation in which you are involved, then try to look at it from the side and imagine that all this is not happening to you.
  2. Learn to ignore external stimuli.
  3. Learn to highlight the most important. First, you can make notes or notes, then you can classify the processes or phenomena that you are studying or considering mentally.
  4. You can say to yourself what you need to concentrate on at the moment.
  5. You can try to associate the studied subject with another, which is well known to you and thoroughly studied.
  6. At the initial stages of mastering the method of abstraction, you can use schemes or tables, they will help to systematize data and highlight all the most significant.
  7. Set clear goals. And sometimes one should not think about the methods of achieving them, it is important to consider the final desired result and build on it.
  8. Concretize tasks, separate them from others. So, if you need to learn a topic, forget about others and use only the necessary information.
  9. Will help to learn how to disregard compliance with the regime and discipline.
  10. Do not try to do several things at the same time, carry out duties consistently and solve problems as they arrive.

Let this method help you see the essence of the problem and solve the most difficult problems.

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