What is the best MTS tariff?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 13, 2013
What is the best MTS tariff?

The company "MTS" offers a variety of tariffs. Among them, each subscriber can find one that suits him. What a profitable MTS tariff will suit you the most depends on which region you live in, how much time you spend on phone calls and who you most often call.

Business rates

So, businessmen living in the capital, who rarely part with the phone in their dreams, are likely to find it convenient or the All Inclusive. Moscow (federal) "or" Unlimited Russia (federal) ".

The first of these offers, for 1,200 rubles of monthly subscription, 4,000 minutes of calls to subscribers of all mobile and fixed-line operators located in Moscow and the region. In addition, the rate includes 1500 MB of Internet traffic. Mobile Internet users of this tariff plan is not limited in speed. At the same time, for conversations with people outside Moscow, you will have to additionally pay 5 rubles per minute.


The “Unlimited Russia (Federal)” tariff removes this restriction. It provides 3000 minutes of free conversations with the user of any phone (mobile or city) throughout Russia. At the same time, this package is much more expensive - 4015 rubles per month.

Economy tariffs

The most profitable MTS tariff for those who do not want to pay such big money for cellular communication is not going to spend more than an hour and a half on telephone calls and usually communicates with friends, relatives and colleagues living nearby, the MTS Super package. When replenishing an account with 400 rubles (the price is indicated for the version of the package for residents of the capital and Moscow region, and for other regions the prices are lower), this tariff allows you to talk to MTS subscribers throughout Russia for 60 minutes daily for 30 days. At the same time, the cost of a conversation with subscribers of other operators or with owners of fixed phones in their area costs 2-3 rubles per minute, and the cost of calls with other areas of the country is from 10 to 14 rubles, depending on the area in which the package was purchased.

Also, some may seem interesting tariff plan MAXI Smart or MAXI Top.These packages allow you to communicate free of charge with MTS subscribers throughout Russia, as well as with the owners of any phones in your region. True, these rates offer relatively few minutes. So, MAXI Smart for 500 rubles gives 300 minutes per month, MAXI Top (1000 rubles) - 900 minutes per month. Having exhausted this limit, you will have to pay 3-5 rubles for each minute of conversation with other MTS calls. Communication with subscribers of other networks that are outside the region of the user of the package will cost 10-14 rubles per minute.