What is the best way to wear a skirt with buttons?

One of the most sought after items of clothing for women’s wardrobe is the skirt. After all, properly chosen such a thing can transform any girl, giving her femininity and sexuality. Today we will talk about the model with buttons, which almost never goes out of fashion and fits all, without exception, the fair sex.

Universal Soldier"

Buttons - a universal decor that helps to transform even the simplest style and fabric. And the correctly chosen model will perfectly complement a variety of bows - romantic, casual and even business. Let's look at the main ones:


The most stringent option, which is no less sexy. Straight close-fitting skirt knee-length can favorably emphasize the attractive shape of his mistress.

Buttons on such models are most often located in the center in front of or above the incision, if there is one. When choosing it is worth paying attention to the fact that the decor matches the color of the fabric itself.So, for example, on a classic black, dark blue, dark gray thing there should be a decor in the same color scheme. It is also important that the distance between the buttons and the holes for them are the same to avoid ugly creases and folds.


Such a model sits tight on the waist and expands to the bottom. The length may be different, but the most popular options are mini or knee length. It is important not to overdo it with decorations. For short, they should be a minimum (the best option is on the pockets, if they are, or in one row in the center), but longer things require a much larger number of buttons.

By themselves, the trapeze looks very romantic and even playful. Therefore, if you want to make a note of brightness in the image, feel free to choose active colors. Pearl or white buttons are well combined with pink and turquoise; they will look more original if they are made of transparent plastic or glass.

Stylists are recommended to young girls not to be shy and opt for bright models with colorful buttons - fashionable, bold and bold. What to wear them with? It's simple - with shirts, T-shirts or sweatshirts.By the way, prints and drawings on them are not prohibited at all, the main thing is that the color range echoes the tone of the bottom.


Denim never goes out of fashion, so there is always the opportunity to breathe new life into the old thing. Especially interesting are the models in which the buttons are arranged asymmetrically or oblique, as shown in the photo. In addition, such things are very versatile and they can be written almost to any style and combine with almost all materials.

Usually the decor on things from denim is metallic, which is perfectly combined with a dense fabric.

Bottom straight cut can be part of a restrained classic style, which will fit blouses and shoes with heels, as well as an incredibly comfortable casual. In this case, they can be worn with jumpers, shirts or T-shirts.

Look stylish they will be like shoes with heels, and with sneakers or moccasins. Choose a button-up skirt that will be functional (that is, unbuttoned) or to wear only a decorative character depends solely on your preferences.

It's amazing how just a few small buttons can make a simple product original and stylish.It is thanks to them that the image is supplemented by a note of uncommonness. Be beautiful!

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