What is the best steam generator with an iron?

I am a fan of all household gadgets. Almost all devices designed to become helpers in everyday life, I have. And not so long ago, I spent a lot of time choosing a steam generator with an iron, so now I can rightfully be considered a self-proclaimed expert in this field.

How to choose an iron with a steam generator for home

Tefal steam generator

Tefal steam generator

Starting the search for a device for home, climbed, as usual, on the Internet. And here my passion was dead: it turned out that there are many models, and manufacturers too. I decided to read the reviews on the forums - opinions were almost diametrically divided: some are delighted with steam generators, others write that this is an absolutely useless thing in the household. I had to carefully examine the issue. I share my knowledge, I hope it will be useful to someone who is in a similar position.

I will say straight away that what will be best for you is not a fact that it will suit someone else. That is the first rule: you need to choose not a specific model or trademark, but the steam generator, whose functions meet the needs of your family.

For example, if you live in three and the volume of ironing is small, you can use a household model with a water tank and a small boiler. Why overpay if you iron a little twice a week? Your task is simply to save time and effort, so the regular models Philips, Tefal, Domena or Termozeta are for you.

My girlfriend, who doesn’t cares much and often, has calculated that if she used a regular ironing time, she spent two to three hours on a standard amount of linen a week, then using a domestic steam generator with a Tefal iron, this time was halved.

I have a different situation. There are seven of us in the family, three small children, two dogs, we live in a country house - in a word, there is someone to get dirty, everyone’s wardrobe is rather big, so washing is practically around the clock. Therefore, I personally, having studied a lot of recommendations, decided that I would choose from semi-professional models.

The semi-professional steam generator is a pro for home.

Steam generator MIE Stiro 1100 RED

Steam generator MIE Stiro 1100 RED

So why do I need just such a steam generator? The semi-professional model, in my opinion, combined in itself the best qualities of household and professional steam generators.From household here - compact, light weight and ease of use. From the pros - power, large volume of the boiler, maintaining constant pressure and natural materials from which the device is made.

After I decided the issue with the choice globally, things went faster - it was necessary to determine the brand of the device. And here came to the aid of a proven adviser - YouTube. I revised several clips to figure out how the steam generators with an iron work in principle.

And my soul sunk into the MIE Stiro 1100 model. I liked the small size, ease of operation, power and ease with which the hostess coped with ironing clothes right in the frame. Yes, and the design came to my taste:

Duty has become a pleasure

Steam generator MIE Stiro 1100 INOX

Steam generator MIE Stiro 1100 INOX

In a word, for almost a month now I am a happy owner of a new home "gadget". First impressions are the most positive. The whole new family uses the new steamogen - so easy was the hating before ironing.

I will list the advantages:

1. The time required to iron out the previous amount of laundry was significantly reduced. If earlier on 7 sets of bedding, it took me at least four hours at least, but now I can cope with it in one and a half and practically do not get tired.

2. Improved quality.Try using an ordinary iron to bring frills, ryushi, tuck to an ideal state ... The steam under pressure copes with it flawlessly and instantly.

3. You can easily iron time-consuming things - curtains, outerwear. And besides - handle things upright.

4. It is known that steam has a powerful disinfecting effect. So, things are also disinfected when treated with a steam generator, which is very important for me as for the mother of three little children and at the same time the mistress of two dogs.

5. Both the casing and the other elements of my steam generator are made of natural, environmentally friendly materials - for me this is fundamental.

Actually, all of the above is enough to get a steam generator with an iron. I will note still a small weight of the unit - it is easy to transfer from a premise in a premise; compact - easy to fit in the pantry or even in the closet; water is poured directly into the boiler, the tank in this model is not provided, which makes it easier; very convenient iron directly - maneuverable, with a quality sole.

In general, now two of my friends, when I saw a steam generator with an iron and tried it in use, I immediately bought myself the same model,like mine. I advise everyone: this is a really good home assistant!

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