What is the alphabet?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 28, 2013
What is the alphabet?

Everybody knows the expression "truism". So called something elementary, easy to understand. But why simple truths are called "alphabet"? And in general, what is the alphabet?

Word history

The word "alphabet" is actually a copy of the Greek word "alphabetos" ("alphabet"). In both cases, the first letters are used: in Greek, alpha and beta. Created the Slavic alphabet in the IX. Cyril used the letters "az - I," beeches "- the letter, and there was another letter" Veda "- to know (be aware). It turned out: "I recognized the letters."

Thus, the alphabet is the Slavic alphabet, that is, the letters arranged in a specific order.

The Slavic alphabet, created by brothers Methodius and Cyril (Cyrillic) in Russia, appeared along with the adoption of Christianity.

In addition, the alphabet is called the textbook on which they study the letter. These books contain not only letters in order, but also words familiar to children, beginning with these letters, and illustrations to them. The textbook is also called the primer.

This word is used in a figurative sense, meaning some elementary concepts.

How many alphabets

There is also the concept of music alphabet - conventional signs (notes) for the image of sounds (music recording).

In general, in a broad sense, the alphabet refers to a specific code, any system of characters.

For example, what is Morse code (or Morse code)? This is the telegraph code for word transmission. Each sign of "Morzyanka" is a combination of dots and dashes.

Another coding system is the alphabet of the blind, or Braille. In this alphabet, letters are represented by relief points arranged according to a special pattern. Relief is needed so that blind people can touch (tactilely) determine what is written.

Here, it turns out, how many meanings, the word “alphabet” is familiar to me since childhood!