What is suicide?

In recent years, psychologists, sociologists and criminologists are trying to draw public attention to the unprecedented spread among young people of such a terrible phenomenon as teen suicide. The crime chronicle covers murder, rape, theft, robbery every day - the cruel use of violence causes panic and the fear of death. But when they talk about the suicides of adolescents and children, we throw up our hands, believing that disadvantaged families, the education system, bad company or mental deviations are to blame. Of course, all these factors can cause suicide, the statistics on the frequency of which leads Russia to the top three world leaders. Every year 1500-2000 Russian teenagers die. This is a huge number. In the last 6–7 years, there are 19–20 cases of suicide per 100,000 adolescents, whereas the world average is 7 cases.

Most often, thoughts about voluntary care are visiting teenagers aged 13-16. If a person decides to commit suicide, there can be various reasons: misunderstanding in the family, unrequited love, prohibitions, complexes, mental disorders.

Indifference in the family

Parents who have noticed the child’s strange behavior and asked for help on time can easily prevent misfortune. Suicide is never committed in a fit. As a rule, a person prepares for this in advance, chooses a place and method of death (hanging, poisoning, falling from a height). Under the weight of black thoughts, a teenager becomes unsociable and secretive. He refuses to speak with his parents, as he is going through a transitional period - a time of revolutions and protests. And parents who are not easy to appease the rebel, just stop paying attention to his antics. As a result, the child is in a vacuum, which he created himself. He knows very little about life, about feelings, about death, he has no one to consult with and the thought comes that suicide is the best way out. If you are worried about your son or daughter, but you cannot find a common language with him, connect relatives he trusts - brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, or his friends. Sometimes you just need to "pour out your soul", ask for help or advice, to feel your importance in this world.

Unfortunately, indifference to the child has become one of the types of education in the modern family.Three types of education lead to the fact that there is a problem of suicide: cruelty, indifference, permissiveness. They form a person who is not completely adapted to normal social life.

Internet is a danger zone

The times when parents were afraid that the child would get in touch with a bad company and were glad that he was sitting at home were long gone. The unhealthy fascination with computer games, where the “dead” hero can always be revived, led to the fact that adolescents do not fully understand what suicide is. For them, voluntary death is only a terrible experiment. And the Internet is for the immature children's psyche, worse than any bad company. Groups in social networks and sites positioning themselves as such “suicide clubs” are constantly breeding. Created by adolescents and taking only teenagers into their ranks, they know "a thousand ways to die."

If you notice that your child is on such sites, is keenly interested in everything related to death, reads books about suicide, what to do in such a situation? Do not try to turn off the Internet, it will only exacerbate the conflict. Try to unobtrusively monitor the actions of the child on the web, be sure to tell him about the scammers and intruders living in the global web.

Desire to become a legend

With the help of suicide, boys and girls strive to attract attention to themselves, to become famous, to become a legend, albeit only in their class. There are also resonant suicides out of solidarity with peers or imitating idols. The main negative propaganda here comes from the media. Therefore, teenage suicide, try not to cover, so as not to cause mass suicides.