What is monthly?

Each girl sooner or later begins to be interested in what is monthly. Monthly or menstruation (from the Latin. Mensis - a month, menstruus - monthly) - this is a natural, necessary for the full health of the woman process of the body. Monthly appear in a girl when her full puberty occurs, usually at the age of 12-16 years. Monthly accompanied by blood discharge from the vagina, which occur within 3-7 days in the norm.

From the first day of menstruation, the menstrual cycle begins, the duration of which varies, on average, within 21-35 days. This means that the period recurs in the girl every time after a certain period of time, which can be 21-35 days. It turns out that the monthly occur at the girl every month, so they are called. It all depends on the hormonal background of the body. Correct, stable menstrual cycle suggests that the girl is healthy.

What is monthly?

Thanks to the female sex hormones, estrogens, whose level rises in the first half of the monthly cycle, increase the thickness of the inner layer of the uterus, the so-called endometrium.Endometrium is a favorable environment for the formation of an embryo of the embryo, and then it provides nutrition to the fetus during pregnancy. It turns out that the monthly need to prepare the girls for childbirth. If fertilization does not occur at the right time, the level of hormones in the second half of the cycle gradually decreases and the endometrium exfoliates. As a result, the girl has blood discharge from the vagina, sometimes they may contain clots or flakes. Do not be afraid of this, because the process of cleansing the body. The quantity and quality of blood discharge from the vagina during menstruation, as well as the duration and frequency of the monthly cycle are variable and depend on the age of the woman or on the general health of the body.

How to deal with pain during menstruation?

Unfortunately, in addition to bleeding, menstruation can be accompanied by such uncomfortable states as pain and irritability. Spasms and painful sensations in the lower abdomen are caused by prostaglandins - biologically active substances that provoke the contraction of the uterus muscles to remove blood from the body.For cleansing the uterus must be intensively reduced. Pain relievers can help relieve pain. And irritability and nervousness need to be learned to control. Do your favorite thing, which will help to relax and distract, drink herbal tea with a soothing effect, try to cheer yourself up.

Hygiene during menstruation

During the period of critical days, be sure to remember about personal hygiene and strictly observe it! It doesn’t matter if you use pads or tampons during your period - they should be changed every 3-4 hours. It is better to refuse baths, saunas and baths! Take a shower during this period. Remember that high temperature dilates blood vessels and contributes to increased blood circulation. This can lead to undesirable consequences. The same applies to massages and visits to the solarium or beaches. Physical activity and sports are possible, but with minimal activity. Monthly lasts not for long, and very soon you will be able to remove all restrictions.