What is mg in sump?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 18, 2015
What is mg in sump?

Starting to play Samp, very often in the chat you can meet various abbreviations. Experienced players know them and easily read the messages, but for beginners there may be questions about these terms. For example, what is MG or DM in a samp?

Below we give a list of the main abbreviations and their transcripts from the SAMP.

Basic terms

Among the main terms and abbreviations used in the game,

  • MG (metagaming) - the use of information from the real world in the game chat;
  • DM (deadmatch) - the destruction of all heroes for no reason or purpose;
  • DB (Drive By) - the destruction of opponents through the car: hitting or shooting from the cabin of the car;
  • TK in MG Samp means killing units that are friendly with you;
  • SC (Spawn Kil) - the destruction of players at the time of their appearance;
  • RP (RP - role play) in MG Samp involves the choice of a specific role and interaction with other players;
  • RK (Revenge Killing) - re-destruction for the purpose of revenge;
  • GM - a mode that provides immortality;
  • PG (powergaming) - a game against several players, while the player uses unrealistic force and things;
  • BH (Bunny hop) - movement in jumps, which is forbidden;
  • IC (in character) is a game in accordance with its role. Players act and speak in accordance with the intended role;
  • OSS is a game outside the role. In this situation, the player can act on his own behalf outside the game, that is, at will.