What is marriage?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 14, 2012
What is marriage?

Russian language is very complicated. Sometimes some words in it have several completely different meanings. One of these words is the word "marriage." Immediately comes to mind the saying that a good thing is not called marriage! In this phrase, the two meanings of this word are concentrated at once. So what is marriage?

Types of marriages in a pair

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. However, such alliances can be very different. They are differently called, have completely different causes, consequences and motivations.

Official marriage or official registration is a union between a woman and a man, which is recognized by the state. In other words, this is the official registration of relations in government bodies. Such a union entails not only the creation of a family, but also legally significant consequences. Spouses receive certain duties and rights that are enshrined in the laws of the country where the marriage is registered.

Actual marriage is a simple cohabitation of two loving people.Recently, very often people do not seek to limit themselves to the duties that a stamp in a passport implies. Good or not - a personal choice. Such a marriage does not entail legal consequences and does not change the social status of the couple.

Church marriage is a union that is consecrated by the church. In some countries, for example, in Muslim ones, this type of marriage may be legally binding and is considered official. In our country, as in many Orthodox and Catholic countries, such a marriage is considered a sacrament and unites loving people before God. However, by law, the wedding is not recognized by the state.

Sham marriage is a marriage that was concluded without the parties' desire to create a full-fledged family. That is, it is a feigned marriage to satisfy certain self-serving or other purposes. Such an act may be associated with citizenship, inheritance or obtaining property. Of course, it is not easy to prove the fictitiousness of marriage, but if there are grounds, then such a union should be dissolved.

In modern society, there is even such a type of marriage as virtual. He naturally does not entail any official consequences.Two people simply mimic the union on a particular website.

Marriage in another meaning

What is marriage in a different meaning? Marriage at work is a certain product that is made with violations and does not meet quality standards. Each production has its own established standard. If the marriage is detected at work, it is called internal. If the buyer finds the defect, it is an external defect. Also, the marriage is divided into fixable and uncorrectable, depending on the ability to eliminate product defects.