What is Kabbalah?

Olga Reznik
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What is Kabbalah?

The term "Kabbalah" is used today quite widely. Nowadays, Kabbalah fans can be found even among contemporary cultural figures. They are, for example, the writer Mikhail Zadornov and the singer Madonna.

Intrigued? Then it's time to move on to the answer to the question, what is Kabbalah? Simply put, Kabbalah is esoteric or mystical Judaism. By Kabbalah is meant some secret knowledge of the divine revelation contained in the Torah. So it turns out that Kabbalists are trying to grasp the seemingly incomprehensible: the Creator, his goals, his creations, the nature of man, the meaning of his existence.

The basis of the Kabbalah is: the ancient book "Sefer Yetzirah", written supposedly in the II century by Rabbi Akiva. Another book, Bagir, was born in the manuscript in 1176 and contains information about 10 Sefirot, about gilgul (reincarnation), used to explain the seeming injustice of human suffering. The most popular among Kabbalists is the book "Zohar", written in the II-III century by Shimon bar Yohay and considered the basis of kabbalistics.The writings of Ari are also known (Ari is Yitzhak Luria Ashkenazi, better known as Arizal).