What is interesting for girls?

Each person has their own interests, activities and hobbies. Despite the great diversity of all this, it is possible to highlight the common interests characteristic of certain people. Today we will talk about what is interesting for girls, what they are interested in.

What is interesting for girls: childhood

First, let's talk about the hobbies of little girls. Many girls in their childhood dream of being princesses, living in a castle and being married to a prince. These girls love good fairy tales about love, wizards, kings and queens, etc. These tales are usually read by mom at night, but girls themselves are not averse to reading them themselves, especially if books with fairy tales are bright, colorful and there are a lot of pictures in them . In addition to fairy tales, girls love to read exciting stories and novels for girls, as well as girls' glossy magazines.

Even girls are interested in cartoons, and lately there are so many of them that only manage to watch. Watching a cartoon is much more interesting when there is a delicious chocolate or yum nearby. Sweets - that's what little girls love!

Like all small children, girls are interested in games. Girls play with different dolls, as well as in various computer games designed specifically for them.

The commendable hobby of many girls is creativity and needlework. Girls make baubles, sew clothes for pupae, knit interesting fakes, are fond of origami, etc.

Also, girls are interested in messing with pets. Get a puppy or a kitten, and you will see how much joy this will give the little girl!

What is interesting to girls: adolescence

A teenage girl at this age is clearly aware that she is a girl, she has a clear understanding of belonging to the female sex. A young girl begins to think about love, she wants romance and relationships with a guy, so she begins to be actively interested in friends of boys, although she may not show it. Most often, the girl discusses her love problems with her best friend, she also consults her, she has secrets. At this time, the girl is interested in guys, girlfriends, parties, relationships and communication.

Modern teenage girls like to spend time on social networks.There they correspond with friends, add their photos, discuss something or someone, work on creating their profiles.

Also, a teenage girl begins to actively interest her appearance. Finding flaws in appearance (and this happens very often), the girl begins to think about how to hide them, she may even develop complexes about her appearance. At such a moment, the girl needs a good and adult look from the outside, so the help of her mother or older sister will be most welcome. It is necessary to explain to the girl what changes are taking place with her, and to help her out through this difficult period. The girl is very actively beginning to take care of the appearance - she carefully selects clothes, begins to think about decorative cosmetics, tries to change her hairstyle. If you are a mom or sister, help her with this.

A teenage girl loves to watch movies (often youth), read magazines and books, listen to her favorite music.

How to captivate a girl?

We discussed what is interesting for girls depending on their age. And now a few tips on how to captivate a girl in order to bring up a good and intelligent girl.

  1. Try to instill interest in reading from an early age.As a child, pick up such books so that they are both beautiful and interesting in plot. For a teenage girl, you need to choose literature that is appropriate for your age and interests. Let it be books about teenage love, about friendship, about interesting teenage girls. Offer, but do not impose. Try to protect the girl from the base of novels and cheap detectives, it is better to immediately instill a taste for quality literature.
  2. Since childhood, the girl is useful to connect to housework. So she will not only help and grow economically, but also learn to be independent in everyday life, which will certainly be useful to her in the future.
  3. Plant a taste for good cinema, quality music. Take the girl to museums, theaters, exhibitions. Do not allow her to spend all her free time on the Internet.
  4. An adult girl accustomed to the sport. It does not have to be something professional, it is enough to teach a girl to run or go to the gym. In a healthy body healthy mind!
  5. The following text is for mothers with daughters. The correct communication between the girl and the mother is very important. Correct communication is that the mother is trying to understand the daughter, her words, thoughts and desires, helps to understand the problems, and not down, but on a par with a girlfriend, only more experienced.Do not blame the child, order him. The best tactic is to gently find out the reasons for the girl’s problems, tell her what it looks like from the outside, propose solutions, and she herself will choose what to do in the end. Establish a relationship of trust with your daughter, let her communication with you be interesting. When a girl enters adolescence, you will need to discuss with her her love problems, questions about bad habits, sex, etc. Let her know the truth from you better, try to put the right ideas about life into her mind.