What is he: Petersburg?

January 27, 2015
What is he: Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a very popular city from a tourist point of view. However, usually travelers follow, so to speak, beaten paths: the Bronze Horseman, the Hermitage, Petropavlovka, the Winter Palace, the laurel, the Kazan Cathedral, the Smolny and so on. But there are much more attractive, albeit less well-known sights, which definitely need to be seen in order to fully feel and understand what St. Petersburg is like.

Unusual monuments

Some of them are so interesting and unexpected that they have already become a place of pilgrimage. This is not a complete list:

  • Odessa street, near the house 2. Monument to the lamplighter.
  • Bolshaya Moskovskaya - a monument to a chimney sweep, located directly on the wall.
  • Malaya Sadovaya: a monument to the photographer. If you take a picture, taking it under your right hand, you will be happy; if you “make up” for your left little finger, you will soon get rich (or at least get a bigger salary).
  • Monument Konka near the metro station "Vasileostrovskaya." Complied with all the "details" and the size of this.
  • Schweik on Balkan square.His nose is already glistening - the tourists have rubbed: it is believed that this brings good luck.

Architectural highlights

You are best aware of what Petersburg is like, looking at original and different houses in its historical center. You can and just wander around, unexpectedly finding interesting buildings, but those who have little time or a lot of laziness to search, you can suggest the following objects.

  • Kryukov Canal, house 14 - black facade, which in itself is not typical for the city, and the second largest Atlanta. More of them in St. Petersburg - only the Hermitage.
  • Bolshaya Morskaya 24. Modern, red granite of several tones, huge columns.
  • Sadovaya, 23-a. Dollhouse. Next to him, in the 25th, are wonderful bas-reliefs: mermaid heads.
  • Cock tower near the Alexandrinsky Theater. Russian stucco decoration in stock.

But in general, to tell about all the wonders of St. Petersburg is simply impossible. Take a longer vacation and go study it. The city itself will tell you what it is, Petersburg.