What is God?

Questions about God worry people throughout human history, and this is not surprising, since we created them. God is the real person, the Spirit dwelling in the heavenly limits. Therefore, it is more correct to say not “what is God,” but “who is God,” since he is not just some higher being, but the Creator of all living things, the Creator of the vast universe. Actually, we smoothly approached the first proof of the existence of God.


The first proof that God exists is before our eyes. This is all that we see, starting from inanimate matter and ending with the crown of creation - man. Yes, we ourselves are clear and visible evidence of the existence of God. We are created in his “image and likeness” not in terms of appearance, but in the fact that we can show the same qualities as our Creator. We can love, be fair, do good to others and most importantly, we can glorify God.

Would literally all people have a strong desire to know God, a desire to believe that he is and that our life has meaning? As some political regimes did not try to eradicate faith in the hearts of people and implant atheistic views, in general and in general, their idea failed, and people did not stop looking for the Creator.

Today, while studying the material Universe, many scientists are amazed at the order reigning there, they are fascinated by the laws of physics, which man just discovered, but did not create, and many prominent figures come to the conclusion that God must control all this.

And if you look at the scale and take, for example, a DNA cell. Who could program it in such a way that it contains more information than can be collected in all libraries of the world. Even the structure of the smallest bug, the device of the simplest bacteria and other wonders of creation prove that life and everything we see was created, and by whom, if not by God.

You can think of such a simple example. If you see a house, then you know for sure that someone built it. Hebrews 3, verse 4 says, "Of course, every house is built by someone, and who built everything is God." So we come to the second compelling argument in favor of the existence of God.

Holy Bible

The indisputable evidence that God exists, leads the Holy Scriptures. This is a prophetic book that has proven to be trusted. Describe future events as if they had already occurred, the prophets could only thanks to God.Under the influence of the holy spirit, they wrote down God's thoughts and principles, which even today are a model of wisdom and a guide to a happy life.

The Hebrew writings contain many prophecies about Jesus, which have been fulfilled in great detail. And millions of people do not doubt that Jesus was the Son of God. He often spoke about his Father, taught to pray to him. Every Christian knows the prayer "Our Father." God proved his existence by repeatedly confirming the authenticity of all that is written in the Bible.

Personal experience

Today, many people can say that they have seen for themselves the existence of God from their own personal experience. The prayers to which they received the answer helped them to understand this. Today, God does not create such miracles as in the past, and the waters of the sea are unlikely to move apart before us, but millions of people will tell you a lot of stories from their lives that cannot be called otherwise than a miracle.

When faith encourages a person to give up alcohol or drugs, when hatred in the heart is replaced by kindness and compassion, when a person makes every effort to become better and to please God - isn’t this a miracle and doesn’t this prove that God exists? Perhaps each of us can find in our life at least one proof of the existence of Almighty God.