What is gastric banding?

Gastric banding is the most effective method of surgery for obesity.

The principle of the bandage

Bandage is a ring that narrows the stomach at the point of its imposition, dividing it into two sections. The upper section is much smaller. This is necessary to affect the saturation receptors located in the upper part of the stomach, the small part of the stomach fills up much faster and with smaller portions of food, thus, the feeling of fullness in the stomach comes much earlier and the person stops eating further. In the future, this affects the general condition of the body, from reducing the amount of food consumed, weight begins to gradually decline.
The method of such operations has been known for a long time, but until the invention of his bandage by Lubomir Kuzmak, they were short-lived, and over time the effect of using disappeared altogether.Adjustable bandage, which is still in use today, has changed this situation.

Types of bandage

The bandage is a ring with a special lock, which is placed around the stomach, inside this ring is a cuff, subsequently filled with water through a special adjustable tube of small diameter - the cuff and determines the subsequent diameter of the lumen of the stomach.All modern bandages are made of silicone rubber and have a similar design.
There is also an electronic system for regulating the size of the stomach, but it is not used as widely as usual. This system is equipped with an induction receiver, which is activated by an external adjusting device applied externally. But at the present time there is no data on the production or application of such a method of bandaging, there is very little information about research related to it, and it is not yet clear whether it is being used now in practice.
Gastric banding is performed by the laparoscopic method, the installation and the rest of the manipulations take place through the punctures in the abdominal wall, no incisions are being made at the present time when performing this operation.
After the operation to install the bandage should take some time. This is usually a couple of months, after which the adjustment of the bandage takes place and its filling with liquid. Adjustments usually occur several, the lumen level is reduced gradually, until the desired result is obtained.