What is equipment?

In the "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" S.I. Ozhegov defines equipment as a combination of mechanisms, machines, devices, devices necessary for work and production.

There are also other definitions explaining what equipment is. For example: equipment is machines and tools designed to influence the object of labor in order to change its shape, properties, condition or position. Sometimes, using the word "equipment", they do not mean objects, but a process (from the verb "equip") Example: complete kitchen equipment.

Types of equipment

Equipment is usually classified by industry. What is related to equipment? The all-Russian classifier of fixed assets allocates more than forty different classes of machines used for production. The main ones are equipment for:

  • agriculture and logging (tractors, tillage, seeding and harvesting machines);
  • various industries (metallurgy, mining, food, light industry, construction);
  • utilities, equipment for fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing;
  • for trade and public catering enterprises;
  • medical and surgical equipment;
  • engines, turbines, steam boilers (up to nuclear reactors);
  • industrial pipe fittings, pumps, compressors;
  • thermal equipment (stoves and burners);
  • lifting and transport equipment (cranes, elevators, conveyors, escalators):
  • devices of hydraulic and pneumatic automation;
  • machines and tools for them (drills, cutters, taps);
  • electronic computing and office equipment;
  • electric motors, transformers, cables, sources of autonomous power supply;
  • equipment for radio, television, communications, photo and cinema equipment;
  • measuring and control devices;
  • equipment for testing and research;
  • filling equipment and accessories for car repairs;
  • equipment for river and sea vessels, rolling stock of railways and aircraft;
  • equipment for theaters, other cultural institutions, musical instruments.

What is the difference between equipment and materials?

The concepts of "materials" and "equipment" should not be confused. Materials are substances or mixtures of substances from which a person makes himself any useful items. This is the subject of labor. Equipment is the one with which a person produces useful items. This is a tool.