What is drift?

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What is drift?

The composition of the modern Russian language included a lot of words of foreign origin. One of them is the word drift. It comes from the Dutch dryven - "drive", "deviate from the course." What does this term mean in Russian?

Drift: definition

First of all, the word drift can be found in marine terminology. This is an involuntary deviation of the vessel from the established course under the influence of wind or current. (�Penkrof was convinced that Bonaventure could go about five points and decently resisted the drift ...� J. Vern). This is quite a dangerous phenomenon, due to the fact that the vessel can be stranded or on rocks. Also, drift is called the same movement of ice, continents and islands.

About a sailing ship they can say that it "fell into the drift", that is, its sails are positioned in such a way that the ship remains in one place, leaning in one direction. ("Sometimes the ship even had to go under drift in small pairs." J. Vern).

In physics, drift refers to the slow motion of charged particles (electrons) under the influence of an electric field.

Thus, drift in the general sense is the constant involuntary movement of something at a slow speed.

From the word drift formed and the verb drift - to make such a movement.

So, you know what a drift is.