What is dentistry?

Many people are afraid to go to the dentist (dentist). But everyone knows that this procedure is necessary. How about learning more about dentistry?

Let's take a look at what dentistry is and where the history of this science began in our country.

The advent of dentistry

Dentistry is defined as a science that studies the structure and functions, as well as the norms and pathologies of the oral cavity. In addition, she is studying the maxillofacial area.

In Russia, dentistry appeared thanks to Peter the Great. It was on his orders that dental treatment tools were brought from Europe. Also thanks to him the school of dentists was established. It opened in 1881 in St. Petersburg. Exactly two years later, about five hundred dentists were released. In the twentieth century, many scientific papers were collected that served as the basis for the future of dentistry.

Also began to appear filling materials and medicines. It should be noted that until 1875 only a man could be a dentist. The very same industry developed after the Great Patriotic War.Firms that produced dental equipment began to appear - drills, dental units.

Currently, the production of dental instruments, as well as equipment, software and medicines used in dentistry, is one of the most important tasks of the world health service. All over the world, dentistry as a separate branch of medicine attaches great importance. It should also be noted that in most countries dental services are not paid by the government and are not included in insurance due to the fact that they are too expensive.

Sections of dentistry

Dentistry has many sections. Consider the two most relevant of them:

  • Periodontology - refers to the section of dentistry, the subject of study of which are the dental-toothed tissue. Including gums, bone tissue, ligamentous apparatus of the tooth.
  • Prosthetic dentistry - includes the prevention and treatment of defects of the oral cavity. These include deformities of the organs of the speech apparatus, as well as damage and anomalies. This includes the field of medicine, which includes prosthetics.Distinguish between micro-prosthetics, removable prosthetics and combined prosthetics.

Note that it is dentistry in dentistry that, as a rule, is the most expensive service. This is due to the fact that for the manufacture of a prosthesis, it is necessary to create an entire engineering project, which includes not only the development of the prosthesis itself, but also the use of exclusive software.

At the moment, in addition to orthopedic specialists, dental surgeons and technicians, as well as a periodontologist, many other specialists are involved in dentistry. Among them are children's dentists, general practitioners, specialists in implantology and military dentistry who study injuries of the maxillofacial area.