What is copyright?

Tatyana Ionina
Tatyana Ionina
March 21, 2013
What is copyright?

Constant rewriting of content by web riders has led to the fact that the meaning of many foreign words is distorted and presented in a completely inappropriate context. The same happened with the English word "copyright". This word was equated in meaning to the phrases “unique content”, “unique text”. To figure out how true this proposition is, let's look in the dictionary and find out what copyright is. The word "copyright" English (copyright) - in translation means "copyright". In accordance with the interpretation of the law of the Russian Federation “On Copyright and Related Rights”, a copyright is a sign of protection of copyright (convection sign ©) and indicates the ownership of intellectual property to a particular author. The sign consists of three main elements that must be displayed:

  • A letter from the English language "c" enclosed in a circle ©.
  • The name or name of the right holder organization.
  • The year of the first publication of the author's work.

For example, what this should look like:

  • © Roskontora Publishing House, 1990
  • © I.I. Sidorov, compilation, 1991
  • © I.I. Sidorov, design, 1991
  • © I.I. Sidorov, illustrations, 1991

The copyright placement rules are specified in a special instruction on the procedure for affixing a convection sign (Collection of normative acts / State Committee of the USSR. M., 1990. Issue 4. P. 40—42) and GOST 7.4—95. Thus, it turns out that equating copyright to a unique text is wrong. Copyright is a sign of protection of copyright of various types of intellectual property.