What is coding?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 3, 2015
What is coding?

Speaking in our native language, we often do not understand what people mean when they use a foreign language, unless they have previously turned to learning this language. To understand them, we must either translate their speech into our language, or learn a foreign language - only then can we understand each other. This example, which dates back to the Babylonian legend, clearly shows what encoding is.

Coding Definition

In the most general sense, encoding is the process of translating information into a form other than the original, using a specific set of rules. Due to historical development, as in the case of languages, we are all in one way or another encoded by certain rules-codes. At the level of language differences, this is most clearly seen.

Decoding definition

Many processes in nature have the opposite. Similarly, the encoding process has its faithful satellite, which has also been mentioned before - decoding.If the encoding encrypts certain information, then decoding tends to pick up its keys to the lock and solve the secret code. Thus, decoding is the process of decrypting information into a form that is accepted and understood by the user.

Perceiving a single gamut of signs, signals, information, knowledge, interconnected by certain laws and rules, we can talk about information. Information coding in general can be more difficult than learning a language, since we still do not know about the processes taking place inside and around us, but in fact the schemes are similar.

Encoding and decoding value

The encoding process is in many ways the protection of uniqueness. In turn, decoding is more tuned to establish mutual understanding, striving for universality. Encoding also optimizes the available information, that is, makes it more convenient, easier to present, memorizable and digestible. And this makes it easier to process and store information. On the contrary, decoding takes us back to the original sources and introduces them.

Encoding and decoding examples

As we have already noticed, the use of encoding and decoding in linguistic practice is not so rare. In addition, of course, it is impossible not to mention the sphere of information technology, where the processes are basic. Coding is also used in the medical and psychological field when it comes to the treatment of such terrible diseases as alcoholism and drug addiction.