What is Bronde

Armoring technique

The latest fashion trends have resolved the controversy between blondes and brunettes. This year it is fashionable to be a "brondinka", that is, to combine both light and dark shades in your hair. With the help of brondirovanie achieved a wonderful effect of a natural overflow of brown and golden colors. Shades smoothly into one another. Most often for brondirovaniya use chocolate, coffee, light brown and golden colors. As a result, the hair looks very fresh and natural. The combination of golden and brown shades mimics the effect of light highlights or sunbeams.
Brond, in fact, is a multi-staining, which requires a lot of time. First you need to create a base, as the source color is usually taken dark brown or light brown. Dark brown-haired women and brunettes are first lightened and then tinted. Blondes darken to a natural-blond or light chestnut color.
Then on the hair of the desired color stand out,which are painted in hazelnut, amber, gold, honey, wheat or even beige, most often used several times. When booking, it is very important to choose the right color combinations, so the variation of shades should not exceed 3 tones, otherwise naturalness is lost.
To draw attention to the face, framing strands are lightened separately. Some masters additionally highlight the tips of the hair to create an interesting effect.

Who is the brond for?

Booking is most often used by brunettes who want to change their hair color in the direction of light. Such dyeing on dark hair looks good even with growing roots, because it looks very natural. Booking is great for busy women who do not always have enough time to take care of themselves.
The bronding technique can help dull, expressionless hair to look healthier and more voluminous. Neat natural clarification will make them more attractive and expressive. Besides, booking is a great way out for those women who want to change their image, but do not dare to make drastic changes.
This coloring looks great on both straight and wavy hair. But curly hair with small curls hides beautiful play and color play, making them completely indistinguishable.