What is balance?

Olga Kravchenko
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What is balance?

The word "balance" is used in various fields and has several meanings depending on the context and scope. Let us take a closer look at what balance is and how you can use this word.

Literally, the word "balance" is translated from French as "scales". In the literal sense, balance refers to a state of balance, balancing several indicators of something. Balance is a group of indicators that determine the state of short-term equilibrium in a continuously changing process.

  • In sports, balance is the art of body to maintain balance when performing exercises.
  • In economics, a balance is a set of incomes and expenses, liabilities and assets when drawing up final reports on the financial activity of an enterprise.
  • The balance sheet is a property-money situation in any organization for a specific reporting period.
  • The country's balance of payments is the comparative amount of all its payments and cash receipts.
  • Game balance in computer games means a state of balance between rules and characters.
  • In a mechanical watch, the balance is called an oscillating mechanism.