What is apathy

In fact, the state of apathy is a type of defense mechanism of the psyche. The stressful situation takes a lot of psychic energy, in response to this, the processes of nervous inhibition begin. Such a course of events does not allow a person to “burn out” from excessive tension.
In a state of apathy, a person becomes susceptible to other stressors, but does nothing to combat them. As a result, problems are only growing. Having stayed in such a weak-willed state for several days, a person begins to feel insignificant. Self-deprecating thoughts appear, self-pity or aversion increases. A person falls into a trap, and a strong emotional jolt will help him out.
Despite the constructive role of apathy for the psyche, it is not recommended to be in this state for a long time. Prolonged apathy can eventually grow into depression, and then cope with the decline of mental energy will be much more difficult. It will be more difficult to find an incentive, and the process of personality degradation will begin.
If you feel that you are losing interest in everything, do not turn off from your daily activities. Try to at least minimally carry out daily functions, it will not let go into yourself too deep. Physical isolation with apathy is one way to achieve depression.
There is one psychological trick to overcome apathy. One must praise oneself for the chosen strategy of behavior, assure oneself of the correctness of inaction. I had to tell myself that I had to give up everything and be free a long time ago.
Oddly enough, such irony works in the opposite way. One has only to treat apathy as a desired state, a desire to complete the abandoned cases will begin to appear. Following this, the lost interest in life will return.
What should not be done in a state of apathy is taking psychostimulants and alcohol. Support your body with a complex of vitamins and minerals. When you recover a little from this state, start looking for the cause of apathy and work on it.
A common cause of apathy is that a person does not feel in his place at work, cannot find his purpose in life.In this case, he will be helped only by an active search for an interesting lesson, his past work must be left. The same applies to the problematic relationship with loved ones, with whom you need to figure out or break forever.