What is anal sex?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 17, 2015
What is anal sex?

So it turned out that despite the tendency towards sexual emancipation, the topic of anal sex is still among the slightly unlawful, though very attractive.

Nevertheless, the question of what anal sex is and how to do it, so that both partners enjoy it, is of great concern to many.

Anal sex: what is it?

Anal sex is a form of sexual contact between people, when the penis or dildo of one partner is inserted into the anus of another.

Most men, and women too, are attracted by the opportunity to engage in anal sex, as the sensations are usually extremely strong and slightly different from those of traditional sex. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anus, so this kind of sex can be a great pleasure, especially if you approach the process correctly. However, it is impossible to engage in anal sex without training - the muscles of the anus contract much more strongly, and such penetration can cause severe pain and even damage.

How to prepare for anal sex?

Anal sex is not possible to do spontaneously, the prelude is very important in it. To begin with, try inserting one finger into the anus and rotating it there. Then you can add a second finger. Many couples love to use butt plug or other sex toys.

It is important to ensure that the partner has no pain. Then after a while he will relax, and the sphincter muscles will get used to and prepare for the penetration of the penis.

There is not enough natural lubrication in the anus for painless sliding, so we advise you to use special lubricant gels.