What is an irregular menstrual cycle

What is an irregular menstrual cycle?

Irregular menstruation can signal the presence of problems in the reproductive system of women. For many women, such a deviation is an early symptom of infertility.
A cycle is considered irregular when the number of days between periods is more or less than normal. It usually lasts 21-35 days.
Menstruation can also be considered irregular when they change for a number of days. For example, if a woman’s cycle usually lasts 32 days, but sometimes changes for a day or two, this is considered the norm. And when he “jumps”, for example, it lasts for 25 days, then 32 - this is a pathology.
Some women consider that any deviation from the generally accepted rate of 28 days is an irregular menstrual cycle. This is nothing more than a delusion. This number is averaged.The girl's cycle may be longer or shorter, but with this, high fertility is possible.

Causes of irregular menstrual cycle?

In young girls who have not yet turned 16, an irregular cycle is not considered a pathology, because it is in the process of becoming. However, you need to follow the menstruation, and if such “jumps” last more than a year, then you need to consult a gynecologist.
If a woman loses weight rapidly, then an irregular cycle is also possible. With a lack of nutrients, the body is rebuilt and "understands" that pregnancy in this period is undesirable.
Gained pounds can also cause the menstrual cycle to fluctuate. To restore it, you need to get rid of excess weight.
Hormonal disruptions, especially damage to the pituitary gland, have a great influence on the menstrual cycle. If you have this problem, then you need to contact an endocrinologist for help.
Diseases of the female genital organs, such as polyps and cysts, also cause disruptions of the menstrual cycle. Quite often, in order to get rid of such problems, surgical intervention is required.
After childbirth and lactation, an irregular cycle and even complete absence of menstruation is considered normal. In order for everything to return to normal, the body will need some time to recover.
If a woman during vacation in some hot country noticed that menstruation did not come, or moved for a number of days, then you should not be surprised. Climate change has a strong influence on the cycle of women. Upon arrival home everything will come back to normal.