What is activity?

December 19, 2014
What is activity?

Activity is a multivalued concept. It is an energetic, intense activity that manifests itself consciously or spontaneously. The word activity is associated with an increase in the basic characteristics of an object or individual. In relation to the human person, speaking of activity, they mean such concepts as motivation, purposefulness, initiative.

In various fields of science, the term is used both independently and as additional characteristics in various definitions and combinations. For example: an active position in life, an active system element, an activist, interactive learning. Thus, the concept of activity has acquired a very broad meaning.

Activity definitions

  • The dictionaries generally define activity as a synonym for activity, energy, and development.
  • Applied to the human person, the term is characterized by the ability of an individual to change the world around him according to his goals and views.
  • In sociology they talk about social activity: the phenomenon, state, attitude to society and communication between its members.
  • In psychological terms, this is a quality based on the internal needs of the individual, which determines the internal readiness for action.
  • In terms of physiology, defining what activity is, they talk about the universal characteristic of all living beings, their own dynamics. Also - about the properties of living organisms to respond to stimuli. And in this case it is a dynamic activity, a property of movement and self-development of organisms in the process of evolution.
  • In the sense of geology and geotectonics, they speak about the activity of the earth's crust, rock, applying this term, for example, to volcanic activity.