What is a week?

Anna Piskunova
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What is a week?

It is not always possible for a person to calculate time as we are used to doing it. The invention of the calendar allowed a person to arrange time periods in the form of days, weeks and months. And what is a week? And how many days does it consist of?

Let's figure it out.

Week definition

A week is a time period of seven days. The crucial point is when we talk about a calendar week. It always starts on Monday. When we are not attached to the calendar, then a week can mean just seven days, regardless of which day it starts. The work week usually lasts from Monday to Friday.

The occurrence of such a calculus is not associated with specific personalities, but it accurately refers to the time of the appearance of the Julian calendar. Sometimes they talk about the biblical basis in this calculation: God was busy creating the World for exactly 7 days, and at the last he rested. And so, contrary to the usual practice, Sunday is considered the first day of the week.

Every week has its own name.For example, in Slavic languages, these names are closely related to weeks, which measure time in the church environment. And because the names are very close to the biblical events and are somewhat similar to the figures: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday (read the article Why the days of the week are so called).

The weekly calculation of time is reflected in various forms of popular wisdom. Many proverbs and sayings are associated with the week as the main time unit. The famous �year without a week� emphasizes a small amount of time after something has passed. True, sometimes a week can seem like an eternity.