What is a suffix?

We all went to school for a long time and forgot a lot. But sometimes it is useful to remember school knowledge, especially from the field of Russian language. In this article, we will recall what a word suffix is.

The suffix is ​​the variable part of the word, which is located after the root. The suffix is ​​marked with a ^. Zero suffix allocate 0 (zero). What is the suffix for? Suffixes are used to form new words and various forms of the word.

What are the suffixes

Types of suffixes:

  • Suffixes -ek and -ik. In the event that when the word is declined, the vowel sound “e” falls out, you need to write the suffix –ek. If words with declension retain the sound "and", then you need to write the suffix -ik. Examples: son – sec; kalach –ik
  • The letters "h" and "u" in the suffixes –chik and –chik. If these suffixes are after the letters "d", "t", "z", "c" and "g", you need to write the letter "h". In all other cases, spelled u. Examples: storyteller, driller.
  • The letters "o" and "e" after c and sibilant in suffixes adverbs, nouns and adjectives. In case the suffix of a noun, adjective and adverb is under the stress, it is necessary to write the letter "y", without the stress - to write "e". Examples: mesh ok; bag-bag There is an exception to this rule - the word "cheap."
  • One and two letters "n" in those adjectives that are derived from nouns.

Two letters "n" will be written in adjectives, which are formed from the following words:

  1. From nouns, the base of which ends with "n".
  2. From the noun with the help of suffixes –on and –enn.

There is an exception in this rule - the word "windy".

One letter "n" is written:

  1. In suffixes –an and –yan in adjectives that are derived from nouns. There are exceptions, these are the words tin, glass, wooden.
  2. In short adjectives, except for forms in the masculine gender.

Suffixes –sk and –k in adjectives. If the adjectives have a short form or are formed from nouns, the basis of which ends in "h", "k", "c", you need to write the suffix -k. In other cases –sk.

How to find the word suffix

Knowing that the suffix is ​​located between the ending and the root of a word, we can easily find it.

  • First you need to select these morphemes.
  • In order to determine the ending, the word must be conjugated or declined. The variable part at the end of the word will be its ending. It is necessary to circle the square.
  • Next you need to pick up the word single-root words.This will make it possible to determine the root. It will be a fixed part and a common part for all words with the same root. Denoted by root arc.
  • The part that remains between the root and the ending is the suffix. It is denoted by a triangle - ^. There can be more than one suffix in a word.

Typical errors in the allocation of suffixes

  • End letters of the suffix are often confused with the ending.
  • The suffix can also include part of the root or part of the previous suffix.
  • May not distinguish between individual suffixes and the amount of suffixes, for example, "literacy".
  • If there is no suffix, they can allocate a part of the word root to the suffix.

We remembered what a suffix is ​​and how to find it.