What is a segment?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 19, 2014
What is a segment?

The word segment we hear, as a rule, when it comes to geometry or mathematical analysis. In both areas, this word means very similar concepts, namely, the part of the line that is bounded by two points.

The segment in the home

Of course, the word "segment" we have to hear, not only when discussing mathematical issues, it is used in everyday speech. So what is a segment in the everyday sense of the word? As a rule, when uttering the word "cut", a person means a piece of this or that material that needs to be cut off from something. For example, we may need a piece of cloth, a piece of tape, a piece of tape, and much more.

Cut in Math

As we already said above, in mathematics a segment is a part of a straight line bounded by two points, however sometimes such a term can be met - a set of numbers or points on a straight line between two numbers or points. It sounds much more scientific and difficult, however, if you think about it, both definitions imply the same thing.

Other meanings

The word “segment” is pronounced even when they want to mark the passage of a certain stage, for example, “segment of the path” or “interval of time”. You probably have seen such phrases in books.

In addition, the section after the abolition of serfdom in Russia was called land, which seized landowners from the peasants.

These are the definitions of the word "segment".