What is a router?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
July 19, 2012
What is a router?

Life without the Internet in modern society is rather difficult to imagine. And if earlier it was mined through the telephone network, it worked rather slowly, and it was expensive, now more and more ordinary users prefer to use the wifi network. It is fast, convenient and does not hit hard on the budget. That's just to connect this network itself requires a router. What is a router? Let's try to figure it out.

What is a wifi router

A router or router is a network device that

  • allows you to connect to the Internet,
  • sends data to computers or other devices connected to it,
  • helps protect the local network from external devices,
  • distributes IP addresses,
  • regulates user access to Internet resources.

In short, a router is a box that allows all computers within its range to provide Internet access.

Types of routers

The routers are divided into hardware and software.The first are intended for use in networks of different sizes. In fact, they are a separate computer with its own processor, software and even an IP address. The main advantage of such a router is its independence from any workstation on the network and greater resistance to interference. Actually, it is hardware routers that allow using the Internet through a wifi network.

Standard wifi router is a small compact device that includes a hardware unit, built-in antenna, power supply and power cord. As a rule, it is equipped with 4 ports of connection, which means it allows connecting 4 network devices. In fact, the router is able to connect 2 or more local networks with different IP addresses.

The cost of a home router is 900-1500 rubles, and a professional one - from 2500. You can configure a new router without the help of experts. It is enough to read the instructions carefully and spend some of your time. However, if such a prospect does not please you at all, a specialist from your provider will help you configure the router: by phone or by coming to your home.

Enjoy your walks on the Internet, but do not let it absorb you completely. Good luck!