What is a contract?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
March 28, 2013
What is a contract?

The modern world operates on agreements, contracts, contracts between different people, organizations. If we did not have these documents, we would not be able to receive wages and, accordingly, work. A similar situation with educational institutions, enrolling in paid tuition, you enter into a contract with an educational institution. So what is a contract? Let's define this concept.

A contract (or contract) is a formal agreement between two or more persons that binds all parties to fulfill certain conditions. In general, contracts are of various types and are often referred to as contracts, but still there are several types of them, these are:

  • working,
  • municipal,
  • state,
  • marriage,
  • effective.

Work contract, this agreement is either legal, and most often individuals, to work together. Often all this is football contracts, construction firms, model agencies, enter into such agreements for a specific period of validity.

Municipal and state contracts are contracts that are concluded on behalf of the Russian Federation and are intended for the needs of the state. This contract is concluded between the contractor and the supplier and must be executed within the deadline, as the penalty is calculated for each day of delay and you will bear the answer before the legislation of the country.

Marriage contract

Let's see what a marriage contract is? This is an agreement between people who decide to marry. Thus, you define your rights to common property and obligations that must be performed throughout the marriage, otherwise the contract will be canceled.

Effective contract

A very interesting type of contract is an effective contract. So what is an effective contract? It cannot even be called a contract, it is not a document, but a special concept that implies special labor relations between the employer and the employees of the company. The basis of such a contract is precise, defined tasks, goals for workers who perform them. That is, no extra work, except the main.These goals, conditions of remuneration, performance evaluation, performance criteria, benefits - will be approved by the employer and a specialized government agency. That is, this type of contract is a kind of new stage after the employment contract.