What interior design is ideal for a man?

The interior must meet the requirements of the owner of an apartment or house, as well as reflect his tastes and preferences. And what design is best for a man? Let's figure it out!

Primary requirements

For a start, it is worth listing the basic requirements for the design of housing owned by a man:

  • Practicality. A busy man will probably not have time to do the cleaning often, and the representatives of the stronger sex are not inclined to it. Therefore, all elements of the interior should be non-marking and easy to maintain.
  • Functionality. If women are important external performance, then men pay attention to the functional. And most of them believe that it is better to buy one thing that will replace several others.
  • Conciseness. The abundance of accessories, almost all representatives of the stronger sex are considered overkill. The interior should be as simple and free as possible.
  • Rational use and competent organization of space.Maintaining order is not easy, especially a bachelor. And so the interior should be such that all things are kept orderly, but it was always almost at hand. To achieve this will allow a roomy closet, which fit everything you need. And shelves, dressers and cabinets will be superfluous and clutter up the free space.
  • The reflection of the male essence, and even a certain brutality. The interior should be such that it immediately becomes clear that a man lives in an apartment or house. And such a feature is manifested literally in everything: in rough finishing, simple furniture, discreet colors, laconic and textiles used in minimal quantities. But romantic ruffles, cute accessories and delicate pastel colors will be inappropriate.

Suitable styles

Interior design for men can be almost anything, it all depends on the preferences of the owner of the property. But in order to achieve comfort, orderliness of space and attractiveness, it is necessary to dwell on a certain style. And which one is the most suitable? Let's consider some the most successful variants:

  1. Hi-tech hi-tech is chrome and glossy surfaces,state-of-the-art technology, the most necessary functional furniture, as well as the predominance of gray, white and metallic shades with moderate bright patches.
  2. Cozy and modest chalet style is a simple but comfortable alpine house of a hunter or farmer, in which there is nothing superfluous. Gamma natural and consisting of wood, beige and brown shades. The furniture is wooden and simple, accessories are hunting.
  3. Rude loft. The finish is rough and minimal, as if it is incomplete or completely absent, resembling concrete walls. Furniture can be both modern and as if found in the garage. Non-standard accessories: road signs, advertising posters, car parts.
  4. Laconic minimalism. Everything is clear and simple: a restrained calm gamma, a minimum of details and everything just the most necessary.
  5. Elegant and discreet classics. This direction will appreciate the mature and wealthy men. The decoration is elegant, but without excesses. The furniture is exclusively wooden, the colors are calm and restrained, the accessories are low-key and elegant.

General recommendations

Start the interior design is to choose the basic color scheme.Most men prefer quiet, discreet, neutral and rather restrained tones. Ideal natural, such as woody, sand, olive, pale blue.

To place accents, you can use more saturated colors: blue, chocolate, dark green, purple. White and black are ideal for marking borders, diluting the main gamut or bold inserts. Pay attention to the neutral gray, he too can be present in the interior.

If you have decided on the scale, consider finishing. You can use both classic options and bold ideas. So, for the decoration of walls the wallpaper, various panels, plaster are suitable. The floor can be covered with noble parquet, modern laminate or practical and affordable linoleum. A more unusual option is a self-leveling floor, which can become an accent of the room. The ceiling can be stretched, whitened or suspended.

Go to the furnishing. It is worth using only the main pieces of furniture, because the extra fill and clutter up the space. The optimal solution will be compact, ergonomic and functional models, especially embedded.

Popular and in demand among the males is modular furniture that allows you to easily make changes and adapt to the changes taking place in life, such as moving to the second half of the apartment.

The most necessary items are used to organize a bed, storage area and work area. The minimum set is a bed (or sofa), a computer desk and an armchair and a wardrobe. If there are guests in the house, you can put a sofa or a couple of chairs and a coffee table.

Accessories may be present, but modest and in small quantities. For decoration used photos, original figurines, various coasters, paintings. It is quite appropriate to have a carpet that will give the interior a lack of comfort.

It only remains to add that the male interior can be simple and functional, but at the same time cozy, modern and stylish.

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