What if the guy changes?

Nothing hurts the soul of a man like the betrayal of a loved one. Such betrayal is difficult to overcome, especially for a woman, with her tender and sensitive heart and vulnerable soul. But what to do if a guy changes, and whether it is possible to do anything about it at all, that's what worries all those unfortunates who have ever been changed.

We women often wear pink glasses, idolizing and idealizing our beloved, and often do not notice his adultery. But there is another extreme. There are girls who, with their jealousy, simply do not allow their guys to breathe. But you should not blame your young man for treason all the time and be jealous of each pillar. Before you accuse the guy of treason, you need proof, or at least obvious hints that he is not true to you. But how to understand that the guy is cheating?

Does he change

There are several signs that your young man has gotten someone on the side:

  • Your relationships and sex have changed dramatically lately.
  • He does not part with his phone for a second, in no case gives him to you.It minimizes tabs and windows in the computer when you appear.
  • He suddenly became more attentive to his appearance. Began to suddenly began to buy stylish things and perfume. Enrolled in the gym or swimming pool.
  • Constantly somewhere delayed, then at work, then with friends, then in traffic. And before that it was not observed.
  • In his car began to appear other women's things, and the front passenger seat is often adjusted to the other person.
  • He smells of other spirits, and when he comes home, he immediately rushes into the shower.

When such a beautiful and sublime feeling, like love, suddenly turns into a great and unbearable pain for us, you will inevitably begin to wonder why they are doing this to us.

So why do guys change

Understanding why guys change is not so easy. There are many different reasons:

  • For some reason, since ancient times it has become a tradition that men can do anything. They are, they say, polygamous creatures, and nature, so to speak, obliges. Even a very passionate man will not miss the opportunity to look at the slender legs passing by without any remorse of conscience.
  • Sometimes it is the fault of the environment of your man and his upbringing.If his father and brothers, and then his friends never considered trips "left" to be something negative, if they always inspired him that if he was a man, then he would be forgiven for walking, because he is a creature of the highest race, then he will also behave with you. The main thing for him is that his wife or girlfriend be faithful, and for a man loyalty is a manifestation of his weakness.
  • Often change the weak representatives of the stronger sex, the so-called "mama son." They are not able to resist the temptations, and are accustomed to the female affection and understanding. These men will sincerely repent of their deeds if they are caught red-handed. They will ask for forgiveness, will swear eternal loyalty. But if they again have a chance to take a walk, they are unlikely to miss it.
  • Often the reason for the betrayal of our men lies in ourselves. Young people begin to look for love and thrill on the side in case they do not receive it at home. Maybe then you should take a closer look at yourself and your relationship. Maybe somewhere something goes wrong, maybe before you behaved differently, there was more affection, tenderness, fun. It is necessary to delve into your soul before blaming someone for your own troubles.

What to do if you change

All these theories are good, until the case touched you personally. And, unfortunately, the betrayal of a loved one is an extremely offensive and painful thing. So what if the guy changed? How to survive this pain, cope with it, and pass all these tests with dignity?

Not all people are able to forgive their partner if he betrayed you by cheating on you. When we learn about treason, we can go in several ways: to break off relations with this person, to understand all cause and effect relationships, to understand and forgive a traitor, or, starting to break down, to start revenge on him, no matter with whom.

  • Solution one is a break. You absolutely do not need to forgive betrayal. This is the case when forgiveness is not at all necessary. Yes, this method is, of course, the most radical, but the most effective. If your boyfriend cheated on you, and besides, as is often the case, the boy has changed with a girlfriend, then you really need to send "to hell" and a boyfriend and girlfriend. Why do you need so many traitors at once. The person who did it once, most likely, will repeat his unseemly deed and subsequently.
  • If you can forgiveness, then you are an incredible breadth of the soul man.Your boyfriend should carry you in his arms for the rest of his life and give you bouquets and sweets every day. But know one thing, that you will have to live with the thought that he has already changed you. And in difficult moments of your relationship with him you will constantly think about whether he will change you again. But if you really decided to forgive your young man, then forgive him finally, and do not remember him about his misconduct at every opportunity, do not blackmail him, do not try to cause a feeling of guilt for your personal goals. It is low and not worthy.
  • Some, having learned about change, decide to revenge. “I want to change a guy!” - this is a desperate thought that cuts into the mind of an insulted girl. And no matter with whom, the main thing is to sleep, to hurt your boyfriend. Looking for a partner for one night in the heat of passion is not entirely reasonable, and even dangerous. And it is not known to whom as a result you will do more pain: yourself or him Revenge is a dish that fall cold. And besides, having slept with another person in retaliation for your boyfriend, you will find yourself no better than him. And about such a girl is unlikely to be worried about her boyfriend, and maybe even be glad that he cheated on you.

Treason is an ordeal in your relationship, it causes a difficult and difficult healing wound in the soul, and how to survive it, how to act, you decide. Know only one thing, that in this situation the main thing is not to change yourself.