What go to church?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
December 26, 2012
What go to church?

For a modern woman, it is rather difficult to choose clothes for going to church. Most wardrobe ends with pants, jeans or mini skirts. On how to choose the right clothes for such an event, and what go to church, we will tell you now.

Before, when they went to the temple, people put on their best “Sunday” clothes. Now, unfortunately, this tradition is a thing of the past. People began to dress in church unnecessarily modest and ordinary. Here are some guidelines for your appearance in church:


The best option is a dress, but a restrained cut. It is not desirable bright inscriptions or too flashy color. If you do not have a dress or a long skirt, wear trousers that are necessarily loose. Strictly denied jeans or tight leggings. Do not forget about the important female accessory - a scarf. Cover your head before entering the temple. The more restrained you look - the better, the main thing is not to overdo it.

It is not allowed to dress in church:

  • T-shirt;
  • clothes with thin straps;
  • tight things;
  • mini skirt;
  • clothes with cutouts on the back;
  • shorts;
  • jeans or leggings.

Also, do not dress in the church revealingly modest.


For a man, it is not necessary to go to the temple of God in a jacket and tie. Enough clean iron trousers and a shirt with a collar. All buttons should be fastened on it, it is allowed to leave free only from the collar. But to expose the torso wide open is not permissible. Better to forget about shorts and jeans. Dress in church with taste. Unlike women, a hat on a man in the church is not appropriate.

Try not to use perfume when visiting the temple of God. An important rule of etiquette in the church is to try not to attract attention with a pungent smell or defiant appearance. All thoughts of people should be turned to God.

Notice what believing people go to church. Their appearance will be the best hint for you. Read the traditions of the church and respect the people around you. Try to be modest and restrained.