What format to convert video?

Video conversion or, more simply, transferring video files from one format to another requires two cases: when the file takes up too much disk space or when the original format is not readable by video players installed on the computer. There are several convenient video formats, and now we will tell you which format to convert video in one way or another.

Conversion Features

Here, of course, the main importance is not the outgoing file format, but the ability to compress, that is, reduce the file size. And it is very important that with such a reduction there is no significant loss of video quality. It happens that for those who need to convert something - the video format is decisive, most of all, in terms of preserving the quality of the recording. All these tasks allow solving the formats described below.

.Avi format

Practice shows that the most readable format for absolutely all video players is the format∗avi.You can convert videos to this format with little or no damage to the quality of the file, but the format∗avi has one major drawback - file size∗avi can not exceed 2 GB. Therefore, too large files when converting them to∗avi you have to break into several parts, even if in the converter program you choose not too high quality when transferring video to another format.

Formats .m-jpeg and .mpeg-2

Conversion to popular format∗m-jpeg is required when you need to convert video from some rare unreadable format with full image quality preservation. Files∗m-jpeg is ideal for users who are not accustomed to saving disk space, and for whom the priority is to preserve the quality of the file, because these files take up to 50 GB or more of disk space, and 50 GB while the video lasts no more than an hour . As for the format∗mpeg-2, it is best to use it for video conversion, which has a large frame size and high frame rate (or video bitrate). This format is mainly used to create DVDs with high video quality.With a question, in what format to convert video, we figured out, now let's talk about the programs-converters.

Video conversion software

There are quite a few such programs, personally I like the free program Format Factory. This excellent universal program is ideal for transferring video, audio and graphic files from one format to another. It is also very easy to use. After downloading and installing, select the required section in the menu on the left (video, audio, photo) and click on the desired file format that you want to receive on the output (for example, “Everything in AVI”). Next, in the window that opens, click on the "File", find the desired file, click on it, and it will appear in the window for processing. Using the "Customize" button, select the quality of the finished file in the new format. Below you can select the folder where you want to place the processed file. After that click on the top right "OK" and go to the general menu. All that is left for us to do is click on the green triangle where it says “Start” and wait until the end of the process of clovering.