What foods contain iodine

Foods rich in iodine

Perhaps the record for the amount of iodine can be called kelp. Sea kale is not only rich in vitamins and microelements, it is generally beneficial for the digestive organs. Try to eat kelp as often as possible, then the lack of iodine will not threaten you. To get a daily dose of a trace element, it is enough to eat only 100-200 g of algae in any form.
Other seafood products, such as cod, salmon, salmon, tuna, flounder, shrimp, mussels, etc., can be attributed to products with a high iodine content. Eat fish in boiled, salted or baked form. If you do not like seafood, then you will come to the aid of fish oil, which can be purchased without any problems at the pharmacy. Iodine is also present in freshwater fish, but in trace amounts.
Beef, milk, butter and other animal products contain iodine. If you eat a balanced diet, you can easily avoid serious iodine deficiency. Diversify the diet, and do not lean on the same products!
Vegetarians can get a portion of iodine from vegetables and cereals: wheat, garlic, eggplant, spinach, sorrel, tomatoes, etc. Iodine is also found in berries, for example, in strawberries, persimmons, currants. So you can make a diet enriched with vitamins and trace elements for every taste.

Signs of Iodine Deficiency

The main signs that should allow to suspect a lack of iodine include decreased mental activity, constant headaches, apathy, loss of appetite, menstrual cycle and irritability. Some women have problems with reproductive function, which are long lasting without appropriate treatment. If you do not pay attention to this, lack of iodine in the body can lead to a serious malfunction of many organs.
Contact your endocrinologist for a consultation if something bothers you. It is better to be examined once more than to lose precious time. It is possible that eating foods rich in iodine will not be enough. In some cases, experts recommend taking drugs, the dosage of which is selected in each case individually.
Do not self-medicate, because excess iodine is much more dangerous than its deficiency. Try to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle, as well as use iodized salt. All this in a complex will allow you to avoid special health problems!