What ended the series "Clone"?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
December 19, 2014
What ended the series "Clone"?

"Clone" - a very popular TV series. He has a well thought out plot and a lot of unusual lines, that's why people liked him so much. However, not everyone will master the series in more than 200 episodes. For this reason, many would like to know what ended the series "Clone." Below you can find out the answer to this question.

How ended the popular TV series "Clone"

Undoubtedly, all viewers are interested in the fate of the main characters Zhadi and Lukas. According to the laws of the genre, they stayed together. Moreover, the main character was forgiven by her uncle Ali, who renounced her after she refused to remarry Sayid.

Said remarried, but this did not bring him happiness, for he must constantly listen to the complaints and witness the quarrels of his two wives. Said and Zhadi’s daughter Khadija persuaded her father to see her mother, so the main character’s happiness was complete.

Mel's daughter Mel recovered from drug addiction and, together with her friend Nanda, opened a psychological clinic for drug addicts.Her daughter recovered, and her mother Mel - Maiza - met the man with whom she was waiting for happiness.

Clone Leo disappeared in the desert with his godfather Albieri, so their fate remained a mystery to the audience. Leonidas, the biological father of the clone, hired a detective to find Diego, who was resurgent. Cheerful Ivetti married Leonidas and bore him twins.

Nazira’s eternal bride left Mira, and her brother accepted the choice of his daughter Samira and allowed her to marry a Brazilian, who accepted the Muslim faith for his beloved.

It is impossible not to tell about the fate of Zoraid, faithful assistant Zhadi; she married uncle Ali and is very happy.

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