What earrings will suit you?

Earrings are an accessory beloved by many of the fair sex. And so they decorated and completed the image, it is important to choose the appropriate option. And which earrings are suitable for you? Learn it!

Criteria for choosing the perfect earrings

It would seem that there is a difficult thing: choose earrings. Many people simply buy the jewelry they like and wear them. But if such an accessory is chosen incorrectly, then it can highlight the flaws and spoil the image. That is why the purchase of earrings should be guided by several criteria:

  1. The shape of the face. Since the catkins are located in the immediate vicinity of it, they pay attention to this zone and can hide the flaws and highlight the merits, if they are selected correctly. Otherwise, you highlight your cons.
  2. Eye color. If you want to buy luxurious earrings with stones, then they will perfectly fit into your image and will acquire a special charm provided you are organically combined with your beautiful eyes.
  3. Color type.Yes, it should also influence the choice of jewelry and determine the color range, not only stones, but also metal.

Each criterion should be disassembled separately and in detail.

Face shape

So, what kind of earrings fit your face, or rather its shape? Consider each option with detailed recommendations:

  • If you have a round face, then visually pull it out and bring it closer to the ideal oval with the help of extended earrings, for example, with pendants or chains (different figurines or stones can be placed on their ends). You can also choose jewelry in the form of inverted acute-angled triangles. But round earrings, studs or rings should be avoided, they will definitely not suit you.
  • The representatives of the fair sex, having an oval face, are very lucky, because they are practically unlimited in their choice of earrings. Absolutely any models are suitable for them: from small “studs” and pendants to massive earrings and rings, including large ones.
  • If the face is triangular, wide in the forehead and narrowed to the chin, then it is definitely not recommended to choose models with a narrowing in the lower part, they will only increase the disproportion.But oval and round catkins will make the face softer and more correct. It can be jewelry with pendants, rings.
  • If the shape of the face is close to the diamond shape, then the main task of the earrings will be smoothing the pronounced facial contours. For these purposes, you can use gentle oval or soft-curved jewelery that expands downwards. Thin ear rings and small pouches should be avoided.
  • If your face is narrow and elongated, then give up the long elongated earrings, which are even more stretched oval and highlight the flaws. But massive convex or round ornaments will come in handy and help disguise the feature.
  • Decorations of soft forms that smooth out rough contours are suitable for owners of a square face with pronounced cheekbones. You can choose elongated oval earrings laconic design without frills or feminine not very massive "droplets". Long thin pendants are also quite suitable, as well as triangular decorations, but preferably without sharp corners. Also try experimenting with different rings.
  • If the shape of the face is trapezoidal, that is, it is characterized by a narrow forehead and wide cheekbones,then you should choose earrings with an emphasis on the top of the earrings: inverted triangles, various shapes with a narrowing downwards. Elongated models will look good, but without massive suspensions.

Color Type

When choosing the perfect earrings worth considering color type. So, if you are a type of "summer", give preference to silver and platinum shades of metal, which are also suitable for girls with the appearance of "winter." But the representatives of the weaker sex of the "spring" and "autumn" color grades should pay attention to the golden and bronze tones.

Tip: Stones should be in harmony with skin color. If it is warm, then the jewelry should relate to this range. And vice versa.

Eye color

How to choose earrings based on eye color?

  • Blue-eyed beauties fit stones of turquoise tones, such as aventurine, sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, topaz. Also experiment with dark colors characteristic of black agate. And to make the look more expressive and bright, pick up jewelry of golden or honey shades.
  • Brown-eyed representatives of the fair sex should pay attention to the rich blue and dark green tones inherent in emeralds, sapphires. In addition, it will be interesting to look and bright deep shades of rubies, corals, amethyst, garnet.And you can play on contrast and emphasize your dark eyes by choosing light stones: amber, diamonds or diamonds, pearls, crystal, moonstone.
  • The beauty of gray eyes is emphasized by earrings with pink or purple stones, such as amethyst or tourmaline.
  • With magnificent green eyes, similar shades will harmonize, but more deep and bright, characteristic of chrysolite, emerald, beryl, malachite, turquoise.

Other features of appearance

There are some other features of the appearance, which should be considered when selecting earrings. The first is growth. If the girl is tall, then she will fit long jewelry and oblong. But the lower level of the fair sex should give preference to not bulky miniature models.

The second feature is the length of the neck. The longer it is, the more elongated there should be earrings, and they can have different shapes. And if the neck is short, then you should choose from small accessories, preferably not beyond the earlobe. Long earrings just do not fit.

The third feature is the color of your hair. Blondes should choose earrings of soft and reserved tones, better than light ones.Brunettes and brown-haired women will emphasize their hairstyle with bright pebbles in their ears. And girls with brown, honey or red hair can choose dark earrings.

Armed with useful information, you can definitely pick up the perfect earrings!

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