What dreams spoons?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 19, 2015
What dreams spoons?

Kitchenware dreams of people often enough, but, as a rule, these characters are interpreted by no means all, because they consider them insignificant. However, such items can also carry meaning.

This article will tell you what the dream spoons.

General interpretation of the dream of spoons

Often spoons dream about the arrival or arrival of guests. Also, such a symbol may portend waste and illness. For newlyweds, a good sign is to see a pair of golden spoons: they are the forerunner of a happy and rich life.

Why dream of spoons woman?

If a woman has a dream in a dream spoon, then she will succeed with the opposite sex. Men will admire her beauty and grace, from the fans of the dreamer will not end up. Such attention can turn her head and she will become a naughty lady. As a result, she can scare away a person with whom she is destined to be happy.

To wash spoons in a dream - to gossip, to drop them - to the arrival of guests, to break - to petty trouble.Also about this symbol can be found in our section Objects in a dream.

If spoons dreamed of a man

If a man had a ghost of golden spoons, it means that he will soon marry. The marriage will be successful, and the dreamer is happy that he chose this woman as his wife. There is something with a spoon - to the good news, to break it - to the scandal, to drop it - to a meeting with an old girlfriend. Dirty spoons are a premonition of shame, so do not brag to others.