What dreams of potatoes?

Daria Kudrina
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What dreams of potatoes?

There are many different interpretations of the various dream books. Which of them to trust is up to you.

  • Oriental dream book says that potatoes in a dream means that all your acquaintances, new affairs, etc., alas, will be useless.
  • The Russian dream book designates potatoes as a gift, and planting them - to good luck in your endeavors, you can safely begin.
  • Dream for the whole family believes that the dream of potatoes before different events. For example, a woman's dream where she eats potatoes promises a professional take-off - moving up the career ladder or adding to her salary.
  • Miller's famous dream book says that a dream about potatoes is fraught with accidents, and not the best.
  • Dream Dream Felomona says that if you dreamed of potatoes - it means that soon everything will be in order.
  • In the Ukrainian dream book, potatoes dream that you will see a lot of people.

What dreams of potatoes in other dream books? Esoteric dream book believes that to prosperity; Wanderer - to ungrateful and hard work; Solomon - to tears.According to Azar�s dream book, potatoes are profits, and according to Dream 2012, a reminder that homely things can become valuable.

Why dream of digging potatoes?

  • According to the moon dream book, dig potatoes - to unfavorable work.
  • The newest dream book reports that such a dream is a disease.
  • Family and Modern dream books on the contrary, they believe that digging potatoes is a quick success.
  • Slavic dream book also portends the good - such a dream to a love story.

So, before you the most popular interpretation of what dreams of potatoes. Which of them to believe, and whether to believe at all is up to you.