What dreams of nits?

February 27, 2015
What dreams of nits?

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the meaning of your dreams. Consider what dreams nits. A person who dreamed of nits in his hair can expect to get a new job or a profitable business that he has long dreamed of. Dreamed nits indicate an increase in wages or the possibility of obtaining a long-desired thing.

Other interpretations of sleep

The following are other interpretations of sleep about nits.

  • Combing them out of your hair means getting a big material benefit;
  • brushed nits talk about small troubles in business that can only be the impetus for increasing the returns to their work;
  • combing nits from a complete stranger means being financially dependent on him;
  • nits in bed indicate an approaching romantic dinner;
  • to put pressure on nits in your dream means to fully realize your plans, not paying attention to the difficulties;
  • the dreaming process of hounding nits suggests the possibility of improving their financial situation, which nevertheless cannot be used;
  • comb nits comb - to recalculate money.

Nits can foreshadow a long, very laborious and quite fruitful work. To kill them in a dream is to cope with difficulties. Sometimes sleep associated with nits, indicates an obstacle to obtaining financial benefits.

A man who dreamed of nits would have a very good day. He can safely rely on the implementation of all his plans, success and remuneration of all works. Now you know what the nits can dream about.