What dreams of geese?

Alisa Verbova
Alisa Verbova
August 8, 2012
What dreams of geese?

In a dream, ordinary things can be seen, but with which you have never come across in life. For example, what dreams of geese?

  • If you, a casual observer, see in the dream of geese, this is a good sign, he predicts profit, wealth, many guests for a pleasant occasion.
  • Selling geese in a dream is not recommended, it is a loss and a loss.
  • To kill a goose, oddly enough, you can! Only, of course, in a dream. This action promises to receive a large inheritance. There is a cooked goose - also fortunately.
  • Pluck a goose - to the disappointment and the acquisition of unnecessary things.
  • Buying a goose is not worth it, such a dream speaks of unwise behavior in an important situation.
  • Hearing the cries of geese is not good either, they can “naggle” misfortunes and troubles.
  • Convening geese in one place - great! Career growth you provided!
  • If the geese are flying, then this is to the news.