What dreams of diamonds?

Daniil Nechaev
Daniil Nechaev
August 8, 2012
What dreams of diamonds?

Diamonds are a jewel that not everyone can afford, but diamonds can dream of anyone. Now we will tell you what dreams of diamonds.

It is believed that a diamond dreams of luck. And if you dreamed of a diamond, then in the near future you will achieve respect in high society.

If you took a diamond from a dead person in a dream, a dream predicts that no one will reveal your deception and the secret will not be revealed.

Diamonds for girls

If your young man gives you a diamond in a dream, it means that you will have a successful and favorable marriage, in which there will be no disagreement. But if in a dream you suddenly lost a diamond and could not find it, then this dream predicts misfortune, shame, need for something.

Diamonds for business

If you are doing business, diamonds in a dream predict you prosperity in your career and receive expensive gifts.

Diamonds for players and athletes

For people who play gambling or people who take part in some sporting events, such a dream predicts a big win and a victory in competitions.

We told you what dreams of diamonds, we hope that this information will satisfy your expectations!