Why dream of long hair?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 19, 2015
Why dream of long hair?

People have always been interested in the question of the future, as well as the possibilities to influence it or to predict it. According to many people, dreams are a guide to the future. It is believed that in the details in dreams you can find out what awaits in love, in work and how things will go with health. Next, consider in more detail what dreams of long hair.

May Dream

A young girl's long hair dreams of confusion in love affairs.

Long hair for a woman in years means disappointment in the things you have been doing for a long time and in which you have invested a lot of strength.

Long-cut hair means that all your efforts are in vain, and it’s time for you to transfer your energy in a different direction.

Tsar's dream book

If you dreamed of long hair, which took gray hair, it means that something will appear in your life that will give you confidence in the future for many years.

Long hair, braided in a braid, means that your worldview will soon change - this will affect the events that will happen soon.

Russian dream book

The long hair of a man dreams of women waiting for their long relationship.

Long, colorless hair or completely gray hair dreams that your idea is not worth the effort that you spend on it.

Long wavy hair dreams of luck in a love relationship for a long time.