What dreams beloved?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 17, 2015
What dreams beloved?

Beloved woman occupies a huge place in the life of a man, so it is not surprising that she can dream.

Let us consider in more detail what the beloved dream is, how to interpret such a dream.

What does it mean to see your beloved in a dream?

Very often, to see your beloved in a dream means that there are unresolved issues in your real life, maybe something is bothering you, and you should talk about it.

  • If in a dream the beloved changes the dreamer, then beware of a rupture in the near future, and for a trifling reason. Seeing her in sadness, upset or sick - life together will be very uneven, periods of happiness will be replaced by quarrels and scandals.
  • Kissing your beloved in bright light is a very good sign. Your relationship will be filled with harmony and mutual joy. If, on kissing, the light is off, dark, there will be recriminations and disappointments.
  • A dream in which the beloved is dressed in lace is treated very favorably. It means sincere real feelings, loyalty, purity, long love.
  • To see the beloved dead - to the beginning of the period of doubt, trouble, financial loss.
  • Favorite, dressed in black clothes, in a dream symbolizes a quick cooling of relations, even a break is possible.
  • To stand with your beloved on the threshold or on the porch - to doubt her honesty towards you.

Of great importance in the interpretation of dreams with the participation of the beloved is the general atmosphere of sleep, how pleasant people were around, what was the mood. The more pleasant the general feeling after sleep, the more favorable is the dream.